WCT Go Bananas Green Smoothie



1 Banana

1/2 cup of Frozen Mango

2 cups of Kale

1 cup of Brussel sprouts

1 tsp Raw Oats

Add all of the ingredients to the large Nutri Bullet Cup, ensuring that they are not over the ‘max line’

 Add 8-10 ounces water or milk (soy/almond/coconut/regular)

Blend for about 20 seconds or until all contents have been liquefied

Nutritional Information

Calories: 280 (with water)

Carbohydrates: 63g

Fat: 2g

Protein: 12g

Vitamin A: 300%

Vitamin C: 469%

Fiber: 13g

Number of Servings:


This smoothie can be prepared with 8-10 ounces of water (depending on thickness desired) or 8-10 ounces of milk for additional calories and protein.

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Alex & Brittany

Alex & Brittany

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