How To Side Plank Correctly & SAFELY

The side plank is one of the best core exercises you could do. It is extremely simple to perform, yet very difficult to master.


Lay on the floor and position yourself on your side   Straighten out your body and place your forearm on the ground to support you

Overly-Extending Your Hips

Make sure to not overly extend the hips. This increases the lateral flexion of your spine and defeats the purpose of the exercise. Only raise your body enough so that it is in a neutral position at the end range.

Letting Your Hips Sag

Conversely, you should not let your spine sag either. This inevitably starts to happen as you begin to fatigue. If you can no longer maintain a neutral spine and hip position, then it is time to end the set.

Make sure to Keep Your Glutes Tight

Squeezing your glutes during the side plank is what will ensure that your pelvis remains in an optimal position during this exercise.

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