The Best Core Exercises For Strength 17 Best exercises

There are four type of core exercises you need to learn to help you develop your midsection and get the six-pack you desire.

– These exercises train the ability to resist extension/arching of the low back. – Letting your spine go into extension under load leads to compression and potential injury.

The Anti-Extension Core Exercises

– This is when you bend your spine sideways. – The oblique muscles are responsible for resisting the lateral flexion of the torso.

The Anti-Lateral Flexion Core Exercises

– This is when you rotate your spine while maintaining your hips in a neutral position. – The oblique muscles are also responsible for rotation.

The Anti-Rotation Core Exercises

– The anti-flexion core exercises involve movements that prevent your torso from rounding forward. – In other words, you are trying to keep your spine neutral (or in a slight arch).

The Anti-Flexion Core Exercises

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