The 3 Things I Use Every Day To Stay Fit

These 3 things are perfect for busy people like you and me, as they help save A LOT of time.

The Instant Pot

Withe an instant pot, our food cooks itself. All we have to do is turn the Instant Pot on, set the timer, and walk away. It will beep when the food is finished.

Benefits Of The Instant Pot

- Saves us at least 50% of cooking time - Allows us to “Set it and forget it“: put your ingredients in, turn it on, go do whatever else you need to do, come back when it beeps

The Nutribullet Rx

The Nutribullet is by far the easiest way to consume a lot of nutrient-dense foods in a short amount of time. In fact, we don’t use it just once a day, we use it twice a day.


The nutribullet automatically allows us to increase our fruit and vegetable intake through our signature power smoothies We also make nutritious post-workout shakes every day with them

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