The 21 Best Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises

Here are 21 bodyweight shoulder exercises from the comfort of your own home with minimal to no equipment

Pike Pushups

In this exercise, you are going to walk your feet towards your hands until you are making a V at the hips. The pike push-up will mainly target your medial deltoid and is best used in the 6-12 rep range.

Push-Ups & Push-Up Shoulder Taps

From a push-up position, you will shift all of your weight to one hand and lift the other hand to touch the opposite shoulder. This exercise will target your anterior and medial deltoid, and should be done for higher reps (10+).

Single Arm Side Plank Rotations

Instead of alternating between your left and right side, you will go from a regular plank and rotate to a side plank while lifting your other arm straight up into the air.

Planche Leans

This simple yet challenging exercise will strengthen your anterior deltoids by altering the moment arm experienced in your shoulder joint.

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