How Long Should A Workout Be?

Working out 30 minutes a day is a perfect sweet spot for both efficiency and consistency.

Is A 30 Minute Workout Enough To Build Muscle?

30 minutes is enough time to build muscle if you  1) use the most efficient exercises, 2) challenge yourself appropriately, and 3) you implement progressive overload.

What If I Want To Do More? Is A 90 Minute Workout Too Long?

90 minutes is fine, as long as you can actually stick to 90 minute workouts. For many people, this is too much to fit into their busy schedule. Your workout should only be as long as you can realistically handle on a weekly basis.

What Is An Ideal Workout Week?

An ideal week includes 3–4 days of strength training lasting ~30-minutes each. In addition, you should try to squeeze 1-2 aerobic sessions into your routine as well.

How To Design A ” Short Workout ” That Is Effective & Efficient

Now let's go over how to design your workout to ensure that you are focusing only on the stuff that matters while cutting out the fluff.

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