Horizontal push exercises are the key to developing the front half of your upper body.

Here are 15 exercises you can do with weights or with just your bodyweight

– Barbell bench press variations are one of the best ways to train all of the pushing muscles at the same time. – When doing this exercise it is important to keep your shoulder blades retracted the entire time.

Bench Press

– The machine chest press is much easier to perform than a free weight press – The machine eliminates the need to stabilize the weights and is overall safer to perform

Machine  Chest Press

– The dumbbell bench press allows for a greater range of motion and more freedom for your shoulder angle – Press the weight up using a 45 degree angle of your elbows

DumbBell Bench Press

– The push-up is the king of upper body calisthenics exercises, however, many do this exercise incorrectly – Make sure to brace your core and squeeze your glutes and maintain these muscles engaged the entire time


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