The 21 Best Calisthenic Back Exercises

THIS ARTICLE COVERS 21 bodyweight back exercises that will teach you how to strengthen your back without weights.

Back Floor Exercises

Prone Cobra   The cobra is a great exercise to teach you how to activate muscles in the upper back, as well as improve your thoracic extension mobility. It also improves your posture.

Back Exercises Without A Bar

Wall Pulls The wall pull is a simple exercise anyone can do to begin activating the horizontal pulling muscles. All you need is a doorway frame to do it.

Back Exercises With A Bar

Pull Ups The pull-up needs no introduction. It is arguably the best upper body compound exercise of all time.

Back Exercises With A Suspension Trainer

Suspension Bodyweight Rows The body row is similar to seated cable rows that you do at the gym. It will strengthen the rhomboids, lats, posterior deltoids, and middle traps.

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