The 21 Best Bodyweight Chest Exercises

 you could do all of these calisthenics chest exercises from the comfort of your own home.

Chest Anatomy You Should Know

The chest is composed of two muscles – the pectoralis major and pec minor. The pecs can also be divided into upper, lower, middle and outer components

Incline Push-Ups:

The first beginner calisthenic chest exercise is the incline push-up. This variation is great for people who struggle with regular push-ups. You will need a chair, a ledge, a table, or anything to lean against.

Traditional Push-Ups:

The next exercise is the good ole fashioned push-up. It targets the middle and sternal part of the chest. It is important that you can do at least 10-15 push-ups before trying any other variation.

Wide Grip Push-Ups

Next is the wide grip push-up. This exercise will stretch and target the outer part of your chest. This exercise can put some stress on your shoulder girdle, so use caution.

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