9 Insanely Effective Stretches To Improve Your Flexibility Fast

The entire routine will address the most significant problem areas seen in the general population.

Many people lack internal rotation mobility. Lie on your back and elevate your hips off the ground. Squeeze your scapula together. Place your hands under your back and gently place downward pressure.

Double Internal Rotation Stretch

Find a ledge, table, or barbell that you can anchor your hands on. Position both arms behind you with your palms down and keep your shoulders locked into their sockets and your shoulder blades retracted.

Shoulder Extension Stretch

Position yourself on top of a foam roller lying horizontally across your thoracic spine. Raise your arms overhead and begin arching your upper back over the foam roller.

Thoracic Extension Stretch

Place your hands palms down on a desk or a barbell set in a rack. Keep your scapula retracted and your shoulder back.

Double Overhand Lat Stretch

Position yourself in a doorway or power rack so that you can place your arms perpendicular to your body. Keep your scapula and shoulders back.

Doorway Pec Stretch