Learn How To Build Muscle & Gain Strength Without Spending Countless Hours At The Gym


Do Any Of The Following Resonate With You?

  • You want to build a workout routine but you don’t know how to put it all together?
  • You want to lose body fat and gain muscle but with your schedule, you can’t really find the time?
  • You want to weight train but you have no idea where to start?

If so, you are in the right place!

We Live In A World Of Information Overload

If you have ever gone to the gym and just wandered around, doing random exercises, and getting unmotivated – you are not alone!

There is so much conflicting and misleading information out there when it comes to exercise and fitness.

The worst part?

You don’t have time to sort through all of that information and determine what’s credible and what isn’t.

Thankfully, you won’t have to.

The Good News is, You Can build muscle and gain strength without spending countless hours at the gym…

All you need is a simple guide to teach you what’s important and what isn’t

Hi, I’m Dr. Alex Robles.

My wife Dr. Brittany Robles and I are OBGYN’s, personal trainers, and fitness aficionados.

alex on rings, brittany on battle ropes

Despite working 80 hours a week, we have developed an approach that allows us to

  • Exercise several days a week,
  • Build lean muscle tissue,
  • Get stronger than we’ve ever been before,
  • and spend fewer hours exercising than we did before medicine.

It all starts with knowing how to work out as efficiently as possible.

And we want the same for you!

The WCT E-Book is A Complete Summary of Everything You Need To Know About Building Muscle & Gaining Strength In One Place…


    The WCT’s How To Build Muscle & Gain Strength Efficiently is the only resource you need to start exercising effectively.

    You’ll learn everything you need to know to start training for muscle growth and strength gain, even with a busy schedule.

    Here’s What You’re Going To Learn

    • 3 Principles You Must Understand Before You Start Exercising
    • What Exercises You Should Include In Your Workouts
    • How To Determine Your Workout Frequency
    • How To Determine Your Workout Length
    • How To Determine The Number of Exercises You Should Do Per Day
    • How To Split Up Your Workouts
    • How Many Sets & Reps Are Ideal For Muscle Growth
    • Why You Should Change Your Rep Scheme Over Time
    • How To Warm-Up Properly & Efficiently
    • What To Do To Ensure Long Term Progress
    • How To Train At Home Efficiently
    • And more

    That way, you’ll never be doing anything that is a waste of time!


    This E-Book Summarizes All Of The Important Information On The White Coat Trainer…

    So that you have everything you need to know in one place in one convenient e-book.

    This information will save you so much time – helping you focus on the things that matter most.

    What Makes This Book Different From The Rest?

    1) It Eliminates The Fluff

    There is an overwhelming amount of fitness information on the Internet. There is an even larger amount of exercise programs that you could choose from. 

    The vast majorities of them contain a lot of ‘fluff’ that is low yield, and simply a waste of time.


    2) It Is Concise

    Too many fitness books focus on overly complex topics that just aren’t important.

    Endless chapters are written on things that contribute very little to move the needle.

    What you need is a firm understanding of the most fundamental aspects of fitness.

    Sometimes, simplicity is the answer.

    This book does exactly that.


    3) Yet Comprehensive

    Just about everything you need to know is covered in this 100 page E-book.

    Nothing is held back.


    Get Your Copy Right Now


    What Do I Get Again?

    An immediate link to download the WCT’s How To Build Muscle & Gain Strength Efficiently E-book.

    In it you’ll learn

    • How to design a workout as efficiently as possible
    • What exercises are the best for building muscle and gaining strength
    • How to workout at home if you can’t access a gym
    • and much more.

    Who Is This E-Book Not For?

    If you already have a solid understanding of the major principles of exercise and fitness this is not for you.

    This book is designed with beginners in mind, but it does go over a couple of strategies that intermediate lifters may find helpful in improving workout efficiency.

    Do I Need To Buy Shakes, Or Any Other Hidden Supplements?

    You do not need to buy anything else. There are no special supplements or protein powders that you will need.

    Can I Access This On My Phone Or Tablet?

    Yes. The product is a PDF.

    Do I Get Anything In The Mail?


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    Is There A Refund Or Guarantee?


    We have a full 100% money-back guarantee. No questions asked. We have faith that you won’t need it, but if you are dissatisfied, you will get your money back.


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