The problem with current dietary advice is that it’s unrealistic and unsustainable


But Science Has Proven That There Is A simple and Practical Way Of Eating Healthy and Losing Fat!

Do any of these sound familiar?

1) You start a new diet and go strong for a few days… but when the weekend or holiday comes around you slip up, and your diet is ruined?

2) You start counting calories, carefully tracking, measuring, and weighing everything… but eventually, you stop logging because you get tired of it and you go over daily calories anyway?

3) You struggle with cravings… and every time you give in to a delicious dish of nachos… you feel guilty, never get back on track?

If so, you’re in the right place…


It’s Not Your Fault That you Can’t Stick To A Diet…

The thing is, most of what you read online and see in magazines regarding nutrition isn’t designed to improve your eating habits over the long haul.

It’s designed to keep you reading and buying their stuff.


Because it’s profitable for the diet industry to keep you from achieving your goals. 

The diet industry is kept alive by making you a repeat customer.

They need you to keep buying the next best dietary fad or their new “clinically-proven” supplement that doesn’t work.

They tell you to follow diets that are extreme, unrealistic, and unsustainable; just to get you to lose a few pounds as quickly as possible to have some nice before and after photos.

But what happens 6 months later?

You’re right back to where you started.

At the end of the day, almost all mainstream diets are unsustainable… and so are the results

You see, a lot of these popular mainstream diets can work…

… as long as you could actually stick to them.

And that’s the key.

80% of people regain all of the weight they’ve lost after 2-4 years. That number approaches 95% by 5 years.


Because we are following temporary, unrealistic, and unsustainable diets… which leads to an endless cycle of yo-yo dieting.

What if I told you that you could lose fat, improve your nutrition, and never follow a traditional diet ever again?


What If You Had A Nutrition Plan That Taught You…

Exactly what to eat and in what quantities to help you lose fat and prevent hunger
How to avoid the hassle of counting calories, points, or macros
How to create lifestyle changes that are realistic and sustainable
How to establish healthy habits based on scientifically proven concepts

Well, that system exists.

It’s called Compounding

Hi, I’m Alex Robles, MD, and certified personal trainer.

And that’s my wife Brittany, also a doctor and certified personal trainer.


We are OBGYNs Working 80+ hours a week

Needless to say, our work-life forced us to find creative ways to maintain a healthy diet with our demanding schedules.

And because of our schedules, we’ve created a step-by-step system to eat healthy foods, lose fat, and maintain our diet, even with our crazy, sleep-depriving, and unpredictable work-life.

Using this system, I lost ~10 lbs of fat that I had gained in medical school and kept it off throughout my 4 years of residency. 

Because the thing is…

I wasn’t always “healthy,” in fact, My diet was absolute garbage

Here I Am During Medical School- When I Thought I Was “Buff”


I was overweight, tired, and didn’t like what I was seeing in the mirror.

I was 2 points shy of being “obese”, and I had high blood pressure.

I can’t remember the number of times I tried to “eat clean” or follow another diet.

But time and time again, my busy schedule would get the best of me.

Through trial and error, I realized that I couldn’t stick to a traditional diet.

I didn’t need a diet – I needed a lifestyle change. But I needed a way to do it in steps, rather than all at once.

And that’s how I discovered the power of compounding.

I learned how to implement small changes into my hectic schedule. Changes that I could do every single day, no matter how busy I was.

And slowly but surely, I was able to stick to my nutrition plan for years to come…

And The Results Speak For Themselves


I lost over 10 lbs of fat, noticed improvements in my HbA1c, blood pressure, and energy levels.

But I wasn’t the only one who noticed amazing results.

Brittany’s transformation needs no explanation…


we Found A System That We Were Finally Able To Stick To…Even With Our Crazy Work-Lives

Here we are in 2019


This isn’t to show off...

This is to show you that the system we have created allows busy people like you and me to create lasting and permanent changes to our habits and our behaviors.

Changes that we have been able to maintain regardless of what life throws at us.

But before I tell you what it is…

…I want to dispel some common myths in the dieting industry.

Myth #1 You Need To Count Calories To Lose Fat

Counting calories and measuring your food is boring, impractical, and highly inaccurate.

While it is true that we must eat fewer calories than our body consumes to lose weight – the actual composition of those calories matters just as much as the quantity.

Calorie counting creates the notion that all calories are equal.

200 calories of Cheetos can have a drastically different effect on your metabolism, your hormones, and your appetite compared to 200 calories of blueberries.

When you increase your food awareness and focus on adding the right kinds of foods to your diet- you will naturally eat fewer calories and give your body premium fuel to run on.

I Don’t Know About You, But I Don’t Have Time To Count Calories

Who wants to spend their time counting calories and points?

Do you really want to walk around with your iPhone app, a scale, and measuring spoons everywhere you go?

There is a much easier and practical way to do this.

Myth #2 You Need To Eliminate Carbs (Or Fat, Or Gluten)

Nope. This isn’t true either.

Believe it or not, you don’t actually have to restrict or eliminate food groups in order to see success.

In fact, it is recommended that you enjoy your favorite treats from time to time. You do not have to be, nor should you expect to be perfect.

It’s Okay To Have Cheat Meals!

You see, creating a lifestyle for permanent weight loss requires you to focus on changing long-term habits and behaviors, not on taking food away from your diet.

When you take away entire nutrients from your diet, you are creating a scenario in which you are more likely to become deficient, and less likely to stick to the diet over the long haul.

Can you realistically see yourself staying consistent with such restrictions?

Especially if you get sick, or you are out at a restaurant, or away on vacation?

If you cannot see yourself sticking to the diet for longer than 1 year, then don’t waste your time.

We love rice and beans- can’t give those up!

Myth #3 You Need To Experience Intense Hunger To See Results

This is a common misconception.

Starvation is never normal. Your body interprets hunger signals as an emergency.

Your body can’t tell if you’re purposefully trying to lose weight, or if there is a food shortage and you are at risk of starving.

Your body is only worried about survival. It doesn’t care that you are trying to lose fat…

When you starve yourself, your body responds by

Slowing your metabolism to conserve energy,
Making you lethargic, and
Increasing your hunger signals even further

Your body will do whatever it can to regain that lost weight.

That’s why you plateau following insane crash diets. This is also why it’s so easy to regain lost weight once you re-introduce calories back to your daily routine.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do any of this to lose weight.

So I’m Here To Clear The Air…

You came to this page because you’re serious about your health.

And I understand that dieting and nutrition can be confusing. Like you, I held all of these beliefs at one point or another.

I had to cut through all of this noise & experiment with different dieting strategies until I was able to figure out what truly works.

So, I’m here to tell you that you can get a realistic and sustainable approach to healthy eating and fat loss… as long as you follow an easy and practical system.

A system that teaches you how to change your habits and your behaviors…

…even with an 80 hour work-week like we have.

Because a simple diet won’t cut it.

You need a realistic way to actually change your lifestyle!

And that’s what you get with the principle of compounding.

So The Way I See It, You Have Three Options

Option #1: You Can Follow Another Diet

This is the strategy that most people take… and it hurts them.

Sure, you can try to put the pieces together from various different magazines, youtube videos, and online articles. But this would take months to figure out.

And the worst part is…

It might not even work.

Or you can continue following traditional diets like the millions of other people who never maintain a single pound of weight loss.

By the way, what comes to mind when you think of these diets?

  • Sacrifice 
  • Limitations 
  • Restrictions 
  • Hunger 
  • Difficult
  • Temporary

Why suffer from any of these things needlessly?

You should be able to enjoy eating.

There is a better way.

Option #2: You Can Hire A Nutritionist/Dietitian

There is a big difference between theory and practice.

A lot of nutritionists learn the science and the basis behind dieting, but not many of them know how to put that knowledge to use in the real world.

They will spill the common advice you hear everywhere

“Eat less”

“Move more”

“Count your calories”

“Eat less junk food”

This is great advice. But the problem is, they do nothing to address your habits, your behaviors, or your unique situation.

Any diet plan that doesn’t take your busy schedule into consideration is likely to be temporary at best.

The thing is… we already did all the hard work for you.

Option#3: You Can Follow A Science-Based Step-By-Step System That Gives You Real and Sustainable Results

You’ve read this far because you’re serious about your health and your body.

Why continue being unhappy with your weight and your eating habits?

We have created a comprehensive step-by-step nutrition plan that teaches busy professionals how to change their lifestyles completely.

A plan that gives you the freedom to be in control of what you eat, regardless of how crazy your work-life might be.

A diet that is so simple to follow, and has been tested (and maintained) by two MD’s with crazy 80 hour work weeks.

So without further ado… let me introduce you to our system.

Introducing The WCT’s Compound Diet

An Easy & Sustainable Approach To Healthy Eating & Fat Loss

The Compound Diet

The Compound Diet is an insanely simple yet scientifically proven nutrition plan designed to help you make realistic and permanent changes to your diet, your body, and your lifestyle.


What Is The Compound Diet & How Is It Different?

The Compound Diet is a comprehensive system of small but powerful action steps that can permanently change your mindset, your habits, and your behavior around dieting.

You follow the diet in a series of steps.

There are 24 total steps for you to accomplish.

Each Step Tells You Exactly What To Eat So That You Can maintain High Energy, Keep Hunger At Bay, and Shed Body Fat

Each step is…

Very Easy To Do (some will only take 5 minutes)
As Practical As Possible (Even with a hectic schedule)
Research-backed (each step has references to scientific literature)
And most of all, Realistic & Sustainable (this isn’t a diet – its a lifestyle change)

You’ll Be Eating Nutritious Foods Every Single Day in a Step-Wise Fashion

The best part is…

you only do one action step at a time.

That way, you can slowly integrate each habit into your busy schedule without overwhelming yourself needlessly.

That is the key to making permanent changes to changes to your life, and your waistline.

Say Goodbye To These…

No more calorie counting
No more hunger
No more guessing what you should eat

Plus, The Nutrition Plan Accommodates Your Schedule

The Compound Diet is designed to be easy to follow.

It teaches you what to do if:

  • You are traveling or away on vacation
  • If you mess up or miss a day
  • You don’t have access to a specific food – each step has substitutions!

This isn’t just another fad.

You can finally feel empowered that you are in control of your diet, your habits, and your lifestyle.


Why Is It Called The Compound Diet?

You see, this method is unique because it follows the principle of Compound Dieting, which is inspired by the concept of compound interest.

Let me explain a little further.

We know that small sustainable changes made over a long period of time lead to dramatic results over the long haul.

In other words…

Compound Interest Can Make You Wealthy

Each time you make a contribution to your retirement account,

Your principal grows,
This means you will earn interest, 
After some time, that interest will become part of the principal balance
Which then leads to higher earnings from compound interest

Well, that’s exactly how this diet works.

Compound Dieting Can Make You Healthy

The Compound Diet is a systematic approach that teaches you how to make small, consistent contributions to your diet and lifestyle.

Each step represents a small habitual change that you will integrate into your lifestyle.

Every day, you will make simple choices that promote health, wellness, energy, and momentum!

Don’t eat enough greens? You’ll learn how to eat more of these effortlessly, in just 5 minutes a day.

You Can Follow This Nutrition Plan Even If You Have A Crazy Schedule As We Do

Popular diets ask you to do way too much, way too soon.

You are expected to make dramatic changes such as: eliminating carbs, eliminating fat, skipping entire meals, or dropping your caloric intake by a large margin without teaching you the process or giving you any guidance.

That is where The Compound Diet is different.

The Compound Diet teaches you how to build one healthy habit after another, ensuring that you don’t move on to the next step until you’re ready.

Each action step is extremely easy to incorporate into your life- so it won’t interfere with your schedule.

Every single step should take you no more than 5 minutes to do

As you can see, The Compound Diet is the first of its kind to take a step-wise approach to dieting.

It takes your busy schedule into consideration, allowing you to make the changes as you see fit.

In other words, you work at your own pace rather than getting thrown in all at once.

And best of all, you don’t have to count anything, starve yourself, nor eliminate your favorite foods

After going through The Compound Diet you’ll have:

Nailed down exactly what foods you need to eat every single day to support fat loss and a healthy body
A step-by-step method to seamlessly incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine, regardless of how many hours you work, or how busy your day may be
Increased satisfaction from not being hungry all of the time
Higher levels of energy so that you don’t rely on your 3 cups of coffee to get you through the morning, afternoon, and evening
The ability to stick to your meal plan even if you work long unpredictable hours, are out at a restaurant, or are even away on vacation 

But above all else, you’ll have a routine to help you maintain consistency for the rest of your life.

One of our typical meals that tackle multiple action steps of The Compound Diet.

Let’s look under the hood of The Compound Diet

There are 4 phases each with 6 steps you need to accomplish on a daily basis.

In Phase 1:

  • You’ll learn what you need to do as soon as you wake up to support your metabolism and control your appetite
  • You’ll learn what the 3 biggest factors are to keeping your hunger levels at bay
  • You’ll also learn the simplest way to add the most critical food group to your routine that will help you lose fat despite eating more food

Sprinkled Throughout Phases 1, 2, 3:

  • You’ll learn one key nutrient you need to consume regularly that naturally causes your body to burn more calories
  • You’ll learn which type of food you should avoid that many people consider healthy 
  • You’ll learn why you need to include fat in your diet and which ones to consume to support a healthy metabolism
  • You’ll also learn one simple thing you can do before meals to considerably reduce your caloric intake

In Phase 4:

  • You’ll learn the fastest way to incorporate exercise into your life, even if you hate the gym or don’t have time to exercise
  • You’ll learn our key stress reduction strategies that are necessary to help boost your weight loss trajectory
  • And most importantly, you’ll never have to worry about what you should eat as you’ll have a daily checklist of what you need to consume each and every day

And lots more.

Now all of this would normally be worth $199, as it is a detailed nutrition plan that a coach would have to personally create for you.

But I want you to succeed, which is why I’m tossing in a few more bonuses completely free…

Bonus #1: A tracking calendar

  • So that you know exactly what you need to accomplish each and every day. This will help keep you accountable and allow you to build momentum every single day.

Bonus #2: 10 Simple Weight Loss Hacks Ebook

  • This is a list of 10 incredibly actionable things you can do right now that have nothing to do with dieting.

Bonus #3: Access to the WCT Private Facebook Community Group

  • Where you can interact with me, Brittany and other like-minded busy individuals on the same journey…. to share tips, strategies, and most of all get a boost of motivation.

Bonus #4: Lifetime Updates

When you purchase will also receive access to any updates we make to the program in the future.

At no extra charge.

The more we add, the more we will increase the price in the future.

The Action Takers Guarantee

I’m passionate about partnering with you to help you finally stop dieting and begin making a permanent change in your life. 

That’s why I want to make it as easy as humanly possible for you to invest in The Compound Diet with unshakable confidence…

Take 30 days to go through The Compound Diet.


If you don’t start to feel better, notice improved energy, and begin seeing changes in your body, I insist that you email me with the changes you have made, and I will send you back your money.

All we ask to complete the refund is that you show us that you tried the program via photos of your meals or participation in our private support group. This is to ensure that you give the program your best and to protect our digital content. All refunds and guarantees are also subject to the terms of our refund policy linked at the bottom of this page.

What do you have to lose? 

When you purchase today, you’ll get:

1) A PDF of the WCT’s Compound Diet, which gives you

  • A Step-by-Step nutrition plan that tells you exactly what to eat and how to eat
  • A schedule that allows you to take each step on your own time
  • A list of some of the healthiest foods to give you energy, control your appetite, and allow you to see the number on the bathroom scale go down
  • A system that you can’t “mess up”… you can follow this nutrition plan even if you’re at a restaurant, at your niece’s birthday party, or on vacation.

You will only receive Phase 1 – which outlines the first 6 steps of The Compound Diet. This is to not overwhelm you and help you make slow progressive changes.

You will then get access to Phases 2, 3, and 4 as you progress.

2) A Tracking calendar, that keeps you accountable of your progress, providing you a daily checklist of the steps you have accomplished and the steps that are left to do

3) The 10 Simple Weight Loss Hacks E-book, outlining 10 things you can do today to jump-start your weight loss journey

4) And access to the WCT Private Facebook Community where you can interact with us and other like-minded busy professionals on the same journey as you.

The Compound Diet

Things you’d be smart to ask before grabbing your copy of the WCT Compound Diet


But What If I Don’t Want To Give Up My Favorite Foods?

You don’t have to. This diet highlights the foods that you should eat- not the ones you shouldn’t. 

With that said, you may find that certain foods will naturally start falling out of your diet as they get crowded out from all of the amazing food you will begin eating on this diet.

Dieting is a zero-sum game.

Increased consumption of one nutrient will lead to decreased consumption of another.

But I’m Always Hungry- Will This Work For Me?

Yes. The Compound Diet is perfect for you because it focuses on adding foods that fill you up, and can be eaten in large quantities.

Studies have confirmed that there are three important factors that increase a food’s satiety value.

The Compound Diet focuses on those foods.

That’s the power of knowing which foods you need to eat, rather than focusing on the ones you need to eliminate.

I’m A Beginner. I Haven’t Dieted Before. Is This Right For Me? 

Absolutely. Anyone at any level can benefit from following the principles of this system.

You are in a very advantageous situation as you have the benefit of establishing healthy eating habits right now, and not wasting time on diets that don’t work.

Yes- bread can still be on the menu

I’ve Followed Several Diets. How is The Compound Diet Different?

Other diets ask you to do way too much, way too soon.  They also tend to be overly restrictive- asking you to eliminate entire food groups all at once. 

As a result, these diets are almost always temporary. Temporary changes lead to temporary results.

When you follow The Compound Diet- you take your time: slowly building one healthy habit after another.

Following a progressive stepwise approach is the key to creating a permanent lifestyle change.

I Have No Time To Diet, Will I Be Able To Follow The Compound Diet?

The busier you are, the more you need a leveraged, highly structured, yet flexible system that gives you the freedom to make healthy food choices.

The Compound Diet only asks you to make one change at a time.

This helps ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed or stop taking action because of how busy your schedule is. 

What If I Mess Up And “Cheat” on Weekends Or Holidays?

There is no “messing up.” By design, you cannot mess up on The Compound Diet. All you have to do is complete your daily checklist outlined in the tracking calendar.

You are not expected to, nor do you have to be perfect.

If you miss one or more tasks on any given day, it doesn’t matter. Just move on to the next day and restart the checklist.

Your success will come from the sum of all of the actions you do over the long haul. Not how many “perfect” days you’ve had. 

How Long Will It Take Me To See Results?

It depends on how fast you can implement the 24 steps. But speed isn’t the name of the game on The Compound Diet. 

After going through The Compound Diet, you will develop healthy habits that can last you a lifetime. 

So you shouldn’t be asking how much weight could you lose in 1 month. Rather, you should be asking how much weight can you permanently keep off after 6 months, 1 year, and 5 years from now.


Do I Need To Buy Anything Else?

You may not have access to some of the foods we recommend handy. With that said, we have made the food choices as ubiquitous as possible.

Also, you will have advanced notice of which foods you need which will give you plenty of time to get them if necessary.

Can I access This On My Phone Or Tablet?

Yes, everything is electronic. Everything is in PDF format.

You will not get anything in the mail.

Is There A Refund Or Guarantee?

Yes. All we ask to complete the refund is that you show us that you tried the program via photos of your meals or participation in our private support group. This is to ensure that you give the program your best and to protect our digital content.

All refunds and guarantees are also subject to the terms of our refund policy linked at the bottom of this page.

Is My Credit Card Secure?

Definitely. Our payment processors go through Stripe and/or Paypal, both of which offer a secure socket layer, 128 bit encryption. So yes, your card is secure.

What Do I Get Again?

  • A 50 page PDF outlining the Compound Diet System
  • Immediate access to Phase 1 and the first 6 Action Steps that you need to check off every day- progressing only when you are ready
  • (Access to Phase 2, 3, and 4 as you progress)
  • A Tracking Calendar to see what steps you still need to check off for the day
  • 10 weight loss hacks that work Ebook
  • Access to the WCT Private Facebook Community 


The Compound Diet will be perfect for you if

You work full time, have a business you’re trying to get off the ground and need an easy to follow diet program
You’ve tried other diets and failed, but you still have the desire to lose unwanted weight
You want to start eating healthy, but you don’t want to be “perfect” (& still enjoy the cultural food you grew up on)
You want a meal plan you can stick to, even if you’re out at a restaurant or away on vacation
You’re always hungry and you don’t know what to eat

The Compound Diet Won’t Work For You If

You are looking for a “lose weight quick” scheme
You want to depend on supplements or detox drinks to lose weight
You think that carbs are bad for you
You think that fat is bad for you
You think you’ve tried everything and want to blame your genetics for everything

If none of these describe you, then you stand to benefit from the incredibly simple, yet powerful Compound Diet!

Look, you’ve made it this far. It’s clear that you’re tired of …

Not knowing what to eat every single day,
Giving in to that bag of Cheetos, feeling guilty, and hoping to get “back on track” next week,
Suffering from hunger and tired of the advice “eat less and move more”,
Weighing, measuring, and counting all the food you eat, (who wants to do math while eating) and
Reverting back to your old ways once the excitement of your new diet dies down

It’s time to make a decision.

Look, I know you may think that you can figure out how to eat better and change your lifestyle on your own. And hey, maybe you can.

The problem is: you and I both know that sustainability is key. If you cannot find a plan that you can stick to for 1 year or more- it is worthless.

It’s not your fault that you’ve failed at sticking to a diet before- you simply didn’t have a proper road map to follow.

But now that you know what’s been holding you back from achieving your goals, it’s your responsibility to make a change.

One year from now, one of two things are going to happen

1) You will be one year older. Your metabolism will be slower, and you will be reading the latest “new secret to losing weight” article to see if you can learn any new tricks


2) People will begin asking you “have you lost weight?” You look great.

Why wait any longer to start changing your life?

Let this year be the last time dieting is part of your new years resolution!

The choice is yours.

I’ll see you on the other side.


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